HDTA Reopening Update


I hope this finds you well and you have scheduled some time for yourself this 3 day weekend.
After watching the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting I have been advised that our regulations for return to work have not changed. At this point, the county numbers have to meet the standard previously established for two weeks straight and then another two weeks of staying within that level. There was not a board meeting this week, so I don’t have much to share on our district. The meeting at the county level approved k-2 waivers but stopped short of our levels. 
There was discussion today about the state level decision to permit cohorts on campus for a limited number of students – SPED, ELL, Homeless, and those identified with significant learning loss. It is my understanding that this is limited to 10% of the school’s population. I have asked about the protocols for allowing some type of return within these categories.
The recent email in regard to more Keenan training comes from a federal mandate. Teachers should be provided time to complete this during their school day.
Please keep your site reps informed of other issues that arise. 
Mike Copenhaver and I continue to meet with district representatives to address these issues. 
Thank you for everything you do.
John Minkus