November 30th, 2020


Welcome back. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed your time off. I wanted to share a few updates and items we will be addressing.
We understand that the issue of returning to work is the first thing on everyone’s mind. The new County regulations do permit the SPED cohorts to continue on campus’. It seems highly unlikely that we will be able to return in January. We have been supportive of the Superintendent’s idea that any return occur at a natural grading break. We continue to work on language for a return to work MOU. 
In addition, a negotiation survey will be provided soon to address overall concerns. The district’s first interim budget report is due December 15 which we will be comparing with the initial budget and end of last year’s. We hope to hear of positive federal action to support state and local agencies. 
There seems to be some contradiction in COVID reporting and action protocols, especially in regard to individual contact with someone identified as positive. We will be working to clarify.
As stated previously, those who have provided requests to continue working from home have been offered unpaid leave by HR. It is understood that this is not the solution we were looking for. If/when we are back with students, the only way to take paid leave would be with a Dr. note putting you out on leave for which you would have to use your own leave time. In this situation, HIPPA regulations are less stringent and the employer has the right to the details of the nature of the issues at hand. 
There are many other more specific issues being addressed. More to come as we get verification.

Together, J