Board Speech 9.1.21


HDTA President’s Speech to the William S. Hart District’s Governing Board 9.2.21

Good evening Board, student board member, President Dr. Moore, Superintendent Kuhlman, and staff. As usual, thank you for permitting me the time to speak with you tonight. Tonight’s message is not armed with the slings and arrows of some Shakespeariean epic, but is simply an effort to let people know where we stand as the HDTA. We come here tonight not to rabble rouse, not to block driveways or parking spaces, and not to scream and yell. We come here to show our solidarity. 

We live in unprecedented times, dynamic times, very difficult times indeed. The many jobs of our members are always changing, yet normally not at the pace, frequency, or volume which we have endured as of late. The difficulties of our varied responsibilities are mind boggling. We do appreciate it when you come to visit and enjoy what happens in the different venues of our jobs, but remember, what you are seeing are the results of our hard work and not the preparation that goes into making those results happen.

 The various roles we play are unlike most any other profession.

 And I use the word profession because we are professionals. And we expect to be treated as such. You see, unlike many other professions, we are expected to do many different things, quite often at the mercy of our own safety and sanity. The list is too long to enumerate, but I promise that it is long and the tasks arduous. And we are not perfect, but we model to our students that you learn and grow from your mistakes. That’s what learning is, adapting to change and changing to adapt.

We too are people, although some students look at us as creatures from another planet, especially when they see us at the grocery store, in restaurants, or about town. We have our own needs: our own families, and both children and parents that we must take care of.

So as we move forward I ask that you provide us with more than just compliments of a job well done. We need you to look at what it means to be a teacher, especially in this valley, and during these times. If you really wish to attract the best and brightest talent and you want to retain them, it comes with a cost. This District was once a “Destination District” with a stellar reputation and a highly competitive salary schedule. But over the last 8 years, our wages have slipped from 102% above the state average to 88% of those same averages. This represents a 14% percent drop in Hart District Teacher Salaries in less than a decade.  Teachers and administrators are leaving (The District). And while the District does currently retain its reputation, in time it too will erode. As People will continue to look for better paying opportunities elsewhere. TEACHER SALARIES MUST ONCE AGAIN BECOME A PRIORITY IN THE HART DISTRICT.

HDTA members care about their students. We care about teaching and learning. We care about the social-emotional well being of all. Make no mistake about it, We care. In return we ask that you care about us and that means making sure that we are adequately compensated for the jobs we do and for the outcomes  which we have achieved. THANK YOU

In order to avoid a possible Brown Act Violation I must refrain from engaging in any dialog with board members at this time. Please feel free to email at any time with your questions.

Since I am the current lead negotiator of the HDTA I must refrain from engaging in conversation that might be construed as bargaining away from the table