Reopening Fall 2020 Questions and Concerns


UPDATE 6/25: Please help members find this. We want to send this info in the next few days to make sure it’s considered before the board meeting on Tues. All your input is anonymous.I’ve started a Google Sheet for us to compile and share questions and concerns. This is an attempt to get us talking and sharing. While we may have differences of opinion about how to open in the fall, this list is meant to help us identify what we need to address so we can all get back safely and productively. Please adhere to the following so we can make this a productive endeavor:

  1. Privacy:
    1. Don’t log in with your district gmail. Let’s keep this off-server.
    2. Do not share the content outside this group, either by sharing the link, with screen captures, or verbally.
  2. Please read through before adding items so we don’t fill up the sheet with duplicates.
  3. Please add your concerns under the most appropriate heading.
  4. If you agree with an entry, add “x” in the columns to the right. This will help us identify our top concerns.
  5. Do not erase other people’s entries.
  6. Treat this as an extension of the FB page, with the same rules of conduct.

Maya Loch