Message to HDTA from Chief Negotiator, Mike Copenhaver


Hi all, I have been busy with my grands, but wanted you to know your HDTA leadership and negotiation team are still active.  If you want to see the comments by nearly 500 HDTA members on FaceBook, please join and answer the two questions to be approved for this private group.  Here is the message from Mike:
“My name is Mike Copenhaver and I am the Lead Negotiator for HDTA’s Bargaining Team. I wanted to make a few comments that will hopefully shed light on some of the topics commented on in this group. First, I will say that due to the nature of my position I often refrain from commenting on posts here. My job is to negotiate the contract and our working conditions, work with the president of the Association and CTA Regional Leaders, attend all District Board meetings, and report to both the Executive Board and the Representative Council. Nonetheless, I wanted to share a few things because I understand that people are yearning for a clearer picture on what work is being done on their behalf. I will tell you that HDTA president John Minkus and I have been in constant communication. We have spoken 3 to 4 times daily for the past 8 weeks. Our topics include negotiations, district activity, current CTA recommendations, current CDC guidelines, the positions of our feeder districts, current legislation, and most importantly, the comments and concerns of HDTA members. Additionally. the Bargaining Team has met both as an individual group and with the District’s Team multiple times weekly over the course of May and early June. The Executive Board will have met 3 times over the last 6 days after today’s meeting.  Since communications have been brought up, the Executive Board will be discussing multiple ways of improving how messages get out to members. So I hope I am conveying that people have been working hard to ensure that your voices are heard, and that  our issues and concerns are voiced. Finally, I’ll close by telling you that I do read every post and comment in this group and take all that is posted into careful consideration when I am representing you. Stay well.