7/15 Board Meeting


After the Wednesday night board meeting your Executive Board met to discuss concerns. We identified three major areas of concern and others that need to be addressed with the district. First of all, we will work to make sure there is flexibility in the location from which you will work. We understand there are still safety concerns about coming on a campus and the lack of knowing how the elementary districts will handle the situation leaves teachers up in the air with their own children’s situation. Second, we will maintain the contractual language in regard to training. Any training that is offered outside of our contractual year will be voluntary and paid. Third, we will work for the ability for all teachers to provide instruction as they see fit. Personally and through social media, I have received a multitude of concerns about livestreaming and being forced to use specific curriculum. There are other issues that have arisen, from taking attendance to the proposed schedule that we will be addressing. We understand that there is much fear/angst in not knowing what will be required of us. Please understand that we are working daily and tirelessly to make sure your concerns are addressed.

Together, John Minkus