Updated salary and contract on our NEW HDTA website here:

HDTA Declaration of Candidacy/Job Descriptions – UPDATED!

2023-24 Dec. of Candidacy – Site Representative (Building Rep)

2023-24 Dec. of Candidacy – Member-at-Large

2023-24 Dec. of Candidacy – Treasurer

2023-24 Dec. of Candidacy – Secretary

2023-24 Dec. of Candidacy – 2nd Vice President

2023-24 Dec. of Candidacy – 1st Vice President

2023-24 Dec. of Candidacy – President


Grievance Interview Form – This is an editable form. Fill in the blanks. Save it. Email as an attachment to the President and Grievance Chair ASAP.


CounselorEvalForm2015 Final – This is the form used to evaluate Counselors.

Learning 4 Life – This document outlines the Teacher Librarians best practices

TLEvalForm2015Final – This is the form used to evaluate Teacher Librarians.

SLPEvalForm2015Final -This is the form used to evaluate Speech Language Pathologists

School PsychologistsEvalForm2015Final – This is the form used to evaluate School Psychologists.

Teacher eval form –  This is the form used to evaluate Teachers

observation form updated 10.10.13 – This is the form used to record Teacher observations

5-year-eval-prog-2022 5-year evaluation request form – This is the form to request to be placed on a 5 years evaluation cycle.

General Forms

Class size overage form  –  This is the form used to report/record class sizes above that allowed under the contract.

10 Minute Meeting Agenda – This is the form used by site representatives to plan their 10 minute meeting agendas


NTA Supplemental Insurance

     Cancer Program

     Accident Program

     Heart Program

     Disability Program

ASH Active & Fit Direct Exercise Program for Anthem and Kaiser Members

Just in case the link in the letter does not work, try the ones below.

Anthem Website Link:

Kaiser Website Link:!ut/p/a0/FcrBEoIgFEDRb2nRkh6WjNYuMX-hcOMQvYRRwHlgM_19ubxnLvTwgD7ojxt1djHo-d_KYMhIF4_-icReLpm4hpzgDj30C-nRa1AhMqONxc2mZUg2UjZrHgjfSIQEaloOkcY9NzbGhBb1nO132zVlZ2YEJcqCH7uWM1G2LSuKG2dn2UgmZVOJqq7OopOweF-f_HX3A7SReJk!/

Anthem Blue Cross Fitness Benefit

“Routine exercise can help you manage your weight, improve your flexibility, relieve stress and lower your risk for major health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

And now it can put money back in your pocket, too. We’ll reimburse you up to $400 of your fitness center membership dues!

Just follow these easy steps to qualify:

1. Work out 35 times in each six-month period within your benefit plan year at a qualifying fitness center

2. Track your workout sessions.

3. Send in your completed Fitness Facility Membership Verification form and Gym Reimbursement form.”

Anthem Fitness Facility Membership Verification form

Anthem Gym Reimbursement Brochure


National Education Association:

California Teachers Association:

California State Teachers Retirement System: